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Policy Documents

Wellness Alberta Position paper

This nine page policy paper explains the rational for a wellness foundation and outlines the key principals necessary in the creation of such a foundation.

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Wellness foundation diagram

From initial funding to final outcomes, see how a wellness foundation would be designed to function.

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Detailed Overview

Albertans want to know how an independent Wellness Foundation would align and function with the activities of the Government of Alberta, while ensuring transparency and accountability. This resource provides a detailed overview of the purpose, focus and proposed funding and governance models for an Alberta Wellness Foundation.

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One-page overview

A brief description of Wellness Alberta’s recommendations for a wellness foundation.

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Foundation strategies and focus

This one-page document outlines the five strategies and six major modifiable risk factors that a wellness foundation would focus on.

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ROI: Investing in Prevention Saves Lives & Money

Long-term, sustained investments in comprehensive health promotion programs have been proven to result in substantial and rapid improvements in health outcomes, as well as reductions in per capita health care expenditures in many jurisdictions.

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Examples of successful wellness foundations

The wellness foundation model has proven to be successful in several other jurisdictions.

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